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Property titles in Thailand

In principle, foreigners are not allowed to buy a land in Thailand and benefit from a full property. By contrast, they can own the property built on the land and according to different models.

The most common for investing in Thailand is the « Lease », when you can benefit from the use of the land to build a villa.

In this lease situation of 30 years maximum, renewable 2 times, on the condition to be agreed beforhand with the land owner.

The Freehold, or full property, allows the owner the full rights to have the land at its disposal. More complicated to set up, it guarantees rights to the owner similar to the ones we know in Europe.

It is common for foreign citizens to invest in Thailand, to acquire a property as a minority shareholder in a company, whose capital is hold in majority by Thai people.

Regardless the way you will wish to invest in Thailand, we highly recommend you to conform to the standard accounting, taxation, and administrative principles of the country. Know that any cost due to a real estate investment in Thailand has to be considered as negligible compared to the ones we know in Europe.

Land titles in Thailand : what you have to know.

There are generally four types of land titles in Thailand. They are all an evidence for the ownership of the land, rights, or any other interests according to it when your property will be built.

« Chanote » is the highest title offering the best guarantees. Established by the government, it delimits the positionning and surface by GPS.

It is the safest and most recommended title for an investment in Thailand. It even so requires to confirm its origin and history, as well as the restrictions that may be attached.

« Nor Sor Kor » is a confirmed certificate of use to have a land in Thailand. However, it cannot be sold, leased, or mortgaged, and the beneficiary user must use this enjoyment on a regular manner.


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